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Hey Thriver 👋🏻,

We're back with another brief update on how your customer's journey has been enhanced on your microsite.

Excited? We sure are! But first, let's take a look at last week's update that you might have missed.


Previous Updates You May Have Missed

1. You can now define limited-time availability for items on your menu! 🪅

2. All items from the Business Dashboard will be showcased on your menu by default, and if “Unavailable” they will be denoted so accordingly, just as for “Out of Stock” items via the Order Dashboard.

3. We’re offering the first 100 merchants a free WhatsApp setup for conversational commerce, get in touch with our support team today!

To read about these updates in detail, click here.


Convey Loyalty Perks in a Glance! 🔍

Give your customers a bird's eye view of all the rewards that they can access! 💸

Give your customers an overview of the loyalty points they can earn on their purchases and the rewards available for them to redeem using the same! 🤑

Setup a Loyalty Program today and keep them coming back for more! 🤤

An All New Checkout Experience! 😉

In a bid to improve the customer order experience, we’ve given a complete revamp to their checkout flow!

From their order summary, to adding instructions, to viewing and applying rewards, we’ve revisited it to improve the journey and increase purchase conversions. 💸

To bookmark and save these updates for reference, check out our blog.

If you have questions about Thrive and our solution, visit our Help Centre for more information. In case of queries or issues, reply to this mail or simply chat with our Support Team on WhatsApp!

Keep Thrive-ing!

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