The smart way to manage your restaurant!

Access to actionable growth, a click away. Manage your data for multiple outlets, gain insights, and take action!

Business performance

Visual charts and reports to help you easily track growth.

One-stop for all Business settings

Simplify managing business with your own smart hub.

Single & Multi-outlet metrics

Manage one or many outlets with single window reports.

Outlet leaderboard

Gamify growth by tracking performance across all outlets.

Meet your restaurant dashboard.

See why restaurants around India rely on Thrive’s dashboard to manage their business.

Our feedback system's features

Sales intelligence

Identify opportunities and improve sales processes with the help of intelligent data analysis of your restaurant locations.

Order density chart

Visually spot trends and demand patterns. See how your orders are performing over time with smart order density charts from Thrive.

See item-wise sales

Keep tabs on your best performing menu items across one or many outlets. Get higher AOV and improve sales performance.

Customer segment& activity

Use Thrive’s built-in customer segments like never before using the dashboard. Visualize numbers to see trends and increase retention.

See loyalty grow

Increase customer trust with better loyalty programs. Get actionable insights to find out which programs your customers enjoy mosts.

Campaigns &Auto-Engage

Find opportunities to create new campaigns to attract new customers and even automate engagement campaigns for at risk segments.


Evaluate restaurant experiences with dining-in, orders, and more with direct feedback from your customers. Visualize surveys automatically.


Get a comprehensive overview to understand how well your restaurant is performing with at-a-glance reports within your dashboard.

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