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So much to do, such little time! August ‘23 is an action-packed month for F&B outlets everywhere, with Friendship Day, Independence Day, Rakshabandhan and Onam being the important days when people are likely to celebrate with friends and family - and with that comes ordering a ton of food!

Don’t miss out on this opportune time, take full advantage of Thrive’s Marketing Suite to help you clock in more orders through the month. Here are a few tips and tricks you can implement to get started -

1. Activate public offer codes, and keep them on rotation through the month by making them relevant to the days you want to focus on.

2. Send out regular campaigns well before the festive days to stay top-of-mind with your consumers.

3. Use all modes of communication, i.e., emails, SMS, and WhatsApp so as to leave no stone unturned.

4. Put together relevant templates for your content and make it enticing enough for consumers to want to place an order from your restaurant!

5. Construct relevant deals for the days coming up, for e.g., festive specials on Onam, hampers and festive baskets during Rakshabandhan for gifting purposes, and combo deals along with BOGO offers for Friendship Day.

To give you a headstart, here are a few templates we’ve put in place for you to use when communicating with your consumers during these special days -

Friendship Day -

Header: Friends who munch together, stay together! 🍗😂
Body: Gather your squad, and grab sweet deals at <restaurant name>! 😋
Along with our combos, get BOGO deals and more! 💸
Use <code> at checkout to get X% off upto Rs. Y!
CTA: Order now

Header: Ice cream may melt, but friendships will last forever! 🍦
Body: Treat your pals to a sweet surprise at <restaurant name>! 🍨
Grab dessert with us, and get BOGO deals and more! 🤤
Use <code> at checkout to get X% off upto Rs. Y! 🤩
CTA: Order now

Independence Day -

Header: Raise your cutlery🍴and your flag! 🇮🇳
Body: Savour the diversity of Indian cuisine with <restaurant name>! 🤤
Nothing beats the taste of home 🏡 , use <code> at checkout and get X% off upto Rs. Y! 😃
Don’t forget to try our Independence Day specials while you’re at it! 🤩
CTA: Order now

Rakshabandhan -

Header: We don’t share food in this household! 🏡 🙅🏻‍♂️
Body: But Raskhabandhan is an exception. 😊
Treat your sibling to our Rakhi specials, and go back to fighting tomorrow. 🙊
Use <code> at checkout to get X% off upto Rs. Y! 💸
It’s a deal you can’t refuse. 😉
CTA: Order now

Onam -

Header: Rice, spice, and everything nice! 🍚
Body: Celebrate Onam with <restaurant name>! 🤩
Don’t miss out on our festive specials! 😋
We’ve got <item name>, <item name 1>, <item name 2> and a lot more to choose from. 🤤
Get X% off upto Rs. Y when you use <code> at checkout! 🛒
CTA: Order now

If you’re keen to get started on curating offers, sending campaigns and setting up loyalty programs, get started here. If you have questions about TMS, reach out to us here!

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