Incentivize customers with exciting offers

Deals exclusively available on your direct ordering platform, for maximum traction

Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers using offers and promotions

Customer Retention

Retain customers by rewarding their loyalty with offers


Boost special offers via Social, SMS, Emailer & WhatsApp

Find out how Thrive creates custom offers and promotional codes specific to your requirements.

Why you should activate Offers on Thrive

Unique promo codes

Create unique and personalised promo codes from your Business Dashboard, and allow customers to avail discounts using them.

Private and public offers

Segregate offers according to your audience. Private codes are available only to a specific group of customers, whereas public codes are available to new or repeat customers.

Day and time specific offers

Curate special offers that are day, and time-based. This helps a customer place their order with a sense of urgency, given that the offer can expire.

Multiple offer constructs

Curate offers that provide different types of deals, like free delivery, BOGO, Rupees off, % off total order value, or even free items!

Conditional offers

Add conditions to make an offer valid for a customer to use. For e.g., a minimum order value, redemption count for items, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions about Thrive.

How do I sign up to use Thrive?

Simply complete the Sign Up form on our website and follow the guided setup flow to setup your restaurant ordering system in just 15 minutes!

How many orders can I expect to get via Thrive?

Thrive is not an aggregator and the number of orders you get is based on the marketing you do to promote your direct ordering service
That being said, Thrive gives you the best marketing tools to acquire and retain customers

Do I get access to my customer data?

Yes, you own all your customer data
Thrive helps you setup your own online ordering system, and all customer data is accessible to you, along with analytics, sales performance and various performance reports on your Thrive Business Dashboard

Can I see a demo of Thrive's solution?

You can watch a quick demo of our solution here
For more in depth understanding, sign up and write to our team on

What is the Thrive pricing and inclusions?

Setup of your Thrive ordering system, and dine-in is free of charge
The commission on deliveries and takeaways is low and fair at just 3% per order
Checkout detailed pricing of our marketing suite here

Have more questions? Get in touch with
our team.

Have more questions? Get in touch with our team.

Thrive Now is a modern online ordering solution for restaurants. Gain control over your business, and grow your brand on your own terms.

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