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Hi Thriver, 👋🏻

We’re back with a bunch of updates for all our restaurant partners! We’ll keep it short and sweet with a swift recap of our previous email, and a walk through of everything that’s new. More on this below. ⬇️


Previous Updates You May Have Missed

- Create orders for delivery and pickup via the Order Dashboard. 💻

- Add a 150 character description for each category. ✍🏻

- Add variations specific to a single item, or group. 🍔


🏹Check out the revised Thrive listings page to boost discovery! 🤩

We've upgraded the experience of the Thrive listings page with a view to improve restaurant discovery and enable customers to order easily and frequently.
Check it out!

Quicker Rider Assignments For All Orders 🛵

The quicker your food delivery the happier your customers are. For all restaurants using our third party delivery integrations, or a hybrid model, we’ve optimised the rider assignment algorithm in a manner that it reduces the rider assignment time drastically.

Update Your Bank Details With A Few Clicks 🐁

You can now edit your bank account details as required via the Settings on your Business Dashboard itself.

For instructions, click here.  

One Offer Across Specific Multiple Outlets? No Problem! 👇🏻

This is for all the chain restaurants using our solution. ⛓️ Now, you can create a single offer which is applicable at specific or all of your outlets by simply choosing them from a dropdown while creating an offer via your Business Dashboard itself.
For detailed steps, click here.

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