How Izumi, Americano and Natural Ice Cream are Thrive-ing using their own online ordering systems!

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We said it then, we’re saying it now, restaurants that have adapted themselves to the changing times are the ones that are Thrive-ing even in these precarious times. In order to start generating revenue again, it is essential for restaurants to shift efforts and start serving customers via permissible channels such as pick-ups and deliveries.
What’s more important? Taking charge of the destiny of their business by implementing an independent online ordering system and stop relying on third party aggregators which charge hefty commissions and mask customer data! Good news, Thrive by Hashtag Loyalty helps you do just that! Check out how Izumi, Natural Ice Cream and Americano found a silver lining in implementing their own online ordering system using Thrive!

Izumi started deliveries in a first since their inception!

If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience in Mumbai, then Izumi is the restaurant to visit. However, these dine-in visits stopped when the lockdown was imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And, in a first since their inception, Izumi had to turn to pickups and deliveries to serve their customers. 
Instead of relying on third party aggregators, Izumi looked towards Thrive by Hashtag Loyalty to implement their own online ordering system. In less than just two months of service, Izumi has successfully saved 70.9% on commissions on their revenue from 500+ orders, while capturing all the customer and transaction data as well!

View their online ordering page:

Americano At Home, delivered to be enjoyed at your house!

As luck would have it, Chef Alex Sanchez and partner Mallyeka Watsa had to pause operations at their newly launched venture Americano due to the lockdown before they could even get into full swing. However, the dynamic duo used this time to think long and hard of the best way to feed their customers. The result of this is Americano At Home, a delivery service fulfilled from their Kala Ghoda restaurant space itself, that features a menu of shared plates, pizza, pasta and dessert that you finish cooking or assembling in your kitchen.
With a keen focus to ensure the best experience for their customers, and to protect the ever important margins of their young venture, they implemented their own online ordering system using Thrive by Hashtag Loyalty. What’s the best part? Thanks to extended deliveries they’re now serving customers across the city. It’s been just two weeks since they restarted, and they’ve already served over 500 orders using Thrive!
P.S. If there’s someone you should take marketing lessons from, it’s them! Check out how they personalized their customer experience with a specially curated Americano At Home playlist with every order!

View their online ordering page:

Natural Ice Cream ensures safe and contactless pick-ups!

Natural Ice Cream doesn't need any introduction, serving since 35 years and with over 130 outlets across the country today, it is one of India's most loved ice cream brands. It might come as a surprise to many, but Natural Ice Cream generates 70% of their revenue from walk-in customers at their parlours. Hence, apart from their branding they recently transformed their stores and service as well to ensure customers enjoy the experience of their visit and the taste of the ice creams the same. However, these visits came to a grinding halt when the lockdown was imposed. With the major chunk of business coming in from in-store visits, Natural Ice Cream had to quickly prepare themselves to leverage deliveries and also prepare their stores for safe pick-ups.
Being existing users of Hashtag Loyalty, they were quick to implement Thrive at their stores to enable safe and contactless pick-ups. After revisiting their offerings, they set up their ordering page and enabled customers to simply scan a QR code to access the menu, place orders and pay for it digitally. Thus, minimizing the interactions with staff to ensure safety of both.
In a short span of just less than three weeks, they have successfully facilitated over 1.5K contactless pick-ups using Thrive!

View their online ordering page:


Want to achieve similar success? Set up your own online ordering system free-of-charge using Thrive!

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