Product Update - Offers & More!

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Hey Thriver 👋🏻,

Ready for another product update? Scroll to know more about how we've switched up offers, and made your experience with Thrive better overall! 🤩


Replicate an offer that you can use across your Thrive stores 🛒

For all multi-outlet restaurants! 📣

Instead of manually creating them individually, you can now replicate offers across your Thrive stores itself. 👀

You can replicate an offer across all your stores or a few specific ones, as needed.

This will eliminate any dependency on the Thrive support team and enable you to set up the same with minimal effort.

Want to know how to get it done? Click here.


Activate Auto Apply For Ongoing Offers 💸

When you create an offer, you now have the option to configure it as 'auto-apply'.

Previously, your customers had to apply the offer manually on their checkout page. Now, your customers will be able to directly view the slashed prices once the offer is auto-applied to their cart!

This, in turn, will increase your cart-to-purchase conversion rates. ⬆️

Here's how you can configure an offer to be auto-applied at checkout.

A Few More Minor Updates 📞

1. Cancelled Order Notifications - You will receive a notification whenever an order is cancelled, making your journey a little more seamless on Thrive.

2. Template Status Notifications - Don't know whether your template was approved or rejected when sending out a campaign? No worries now! You will receive status updates about your template on the sidebar of your business dashboard in the form of notifications.

3. Non-engaged Users Filter - You’ve now got a new audience comprising of non-engaged customers, available at hand while sending out WhatsApp campaigns. This helps you target customers you couldn’t reach out to in your previous campaigns due to the limit on the number of recipients.

If you have questions about Thrive and WhatsApp, visit our Help Centre for more information. In case of queries or issues, reply to this mail or simply chat with our Support Team on WhatsApp!

Keep Thrive-ing! 🚀

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