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Hey Thriver 👋🏻,

The year may be about to end, but there’s no stopping us as we continue working round the clock to improve our solution and add new features. ⏰

Read further to find out all things new you can see on Thrive. ⬇️


Previous Updates You May Have Missed

  • Manage campaigns easier with our Template Manager. 🔦
  • Add budget for campaigns with ease. 💰
  • Adding new outlets is now easier with our Outlet Manager. 🚧
  • Get additional insight for all your outlets with our Store Visibility Report. 📝
  • You've got a new e-bill design! 📋

To read about these updates in detail, click here.


Now add videos for items on your menu! 🎥

What’s better than images? Videos of course!

In a popular update, you can now add videos for items on your menu, hence giving customers the best idea of what they can expect when they order!

Check out how your menu can look like with videos here.

Interested in setting up the same? Contact our success team today. 📧

Check out your Thrive Wallet 💵

As we mentioned in our last product update, you can now add balance to your campaigns on the go.

Access the Thrive Wallet on your Business DB header itself, and add 💰 whenever required. Based on the amount you add, you can also avail multiple discounts!

Check out your transaction history with ease. All deductions from your Thrive Wallet will be in Rupees itself based on what is spent on the SMS, Email or WhatsApp campaigns.

To know more about this, click here.

Check out the simplified loyalty program setup! 👀

Setting up loyalty programs from your Business Dashboard just got easier! 🫂

Currently, we have 3 programs that are active and available to use:

  • Cashback
  • Points on spend
  • Points on visit

Increase repeat purchases by introducing a loyalty program, check out the steps to set up here.

Generate payment links for manual orders 🔗

Apart from creating orders directly from your Staff Dashboard for your customers, you can also generate payment links for the same.

The payment link takes your customer directly to the cart of your Thrive store, and they can choose any method including COD to complete the same! That’s not it, customers can apply available offers too!

The offline ordering experience can’t get better, try it today! 😃

Update your PoS key directly from your Business Dashboard 🔑

This update is for all multi-outlet brands that utilise Posify or POSist.

Previously the unique POS key for each outlet of the brand had to be configured manually, now this can be done directly from your business dashboard itself, making the integration truly seamless.

Check out the instructions here.

To bookmark and save these updates for reference, check out our blog.

If you have questions about Thrive and our solution, visit our Help Centre for more information. In case of queries or issues, reply to this mail or simply chat with our Support Team on WhatsApp!

Keep Thrive-ing! 🚀

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