Here's how Apsara Ice Creams leveraged historical customer data to drive repeat purchases

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Summary -

Through the years, Apsara Ice Creams collected data on customers visiting their stores using Thrive’s precursor, Hashtag Loyalty. Their database grew to lakhs over time, and the same was used as a high-quality target audience for their campaigns.

As for the communication medium, they took a step beyond the conventional SMS route and chose Thrive’s new WhatsApp campaigns feature.

The challenge -

  • Meta Ads are great for customer acquisition but it’s an expensive channel for retention.
  • While SMS campaigns have been the go-to, newer alternatives are available.
  • Apart from text, SMS campaigns restrict the use of media.
  • The SMS reaches only non-DND customers, hence limiting the reach of campaigns.

The solution -

Apsara Ice Creams turned to the newly introduced WhatsApp campaigns on Thrive. Here are the benefits of the same:

  • There are over 500 million WhatsApp users in India, covering virtually every customer.
  • It is a primary mode of communication for most customers.
  • Besides text, WhatsApp allows the use of multimedia, rich text and emojis.
  • Instead of just links, it allows for CTA buttons.

The data enabled hyper-targeting possibilities based on:

  • Purchase frequency
  • Item preferences
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Customer tags

The impact -

WhatsApp campaigns delivered to hyper-targeted campaigns were expectedly a resounding success. Check out the impact:

  • 80% Delivery rate
  • 67% Opened rate
  • 4.8% Click rate
  • 3.6K Orders placed
  • 2.8x ROI

Send WhatsApp campaigns for your brand too. Contact us at to learn how! 

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