Choosing the right Loyalty Program for your restaurant business

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We’ve spoken about the importance and impact loyalty programs can have on your restaurant business multiple times before. But how do you know which of the 3 loyalty programs you should implement via Thrive? To give you a brief overview, here are the different types of loyalty programs available to implement directly from your Business Dashboard -

  • Points on visit - A customer is rewarded with points for each visit they make to your restaurant.
  • Points on spend - A customer is rewarded with points based on how much they spend at your restaurant.
  • Cashback - A customer is credited with ‘cash back’ to their wallet based on certain parameters you put in place. This cashback can be redeemed at your restaurant itself, on another visit.

Each loyalty program proposes different benefits, and while all have their strengths, the one you pick should depend on the goals you want to meet for your restaurant. In this piece, we dissect which loyalty program fits best for 3 broad categories of restaurants.

Fine Dine || Points on Spend

If your restaurant boast a fine dining proliferated menu, you can opt for a Spend Based loyalty program. Since customers won’t revisit multiple times in the same week like takeout, and the prices of items on your menu would be comparatively higher than most, each cheque can garner a customer a lump sum of points, that they can redeem at their next visit.

Along with allowing customers to redeem great deals, this gives them the right incentive to come back for more.

If you feel a visit-based loyalty program may suit your brand ethos better, you can also opt for the same. Instead of discounts, and other monetary benefits, rewards can also take the shape of a free dish, a new item for them to exclusively try, a free cocktail, and more.

QSR || Cashback

Quick, easy, and convenient. Cashback loyalty programs are the perfect fit for a Quick Service Restaurant. Customers can quickly collect cashback based on tiers you set on their spend amount per visit. For e.g, Rs 200-500 = Silver Tier, Rs 500-100 = Gold Tier. Each tier is awarded a specific amount as cashback in their wallet, which they can redeem on their next visit.

With the highly competitive market that QSRs are a part of, having cashback loyalty programs could truly work in your favour, narrowing down consumers’ choices to your restaurant based on deals they can avail, and value for money in general.

Casual Dining / Cafè || Points on Visit

Casual dining outlets and cafès are frequently visited by customers, regular or new. Either grab a quick coffee, a bagel, or a quick bite before heading to work too! Though the cheques payable by customers at these outlets may not be exorbitant, they can rack up points on each visit they make to the outlet.

Each visit would garner them several points, set by the restaurant itself, and it’s the best way to make a customer a regular at their outlet.

Click here to learn more about loyalty programs and how they work. If you want to get started and set up a loyalty program of your own, click here.

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