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A deep dive into TMS (Thrive Marketing Suite)

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We’ve been giving you a lot of insight into marketing your restaurant and how these efforts can help you grow your customer base via multiple channels of communication. In this piece, let’s do a deep dive into the Thrive Marketing Suite (TMS), and give you an idea as to what you can do within the solution itself. We recently put out a brief post on Instagram taking you through a few basic things to keep in mind as well, check it out here.

“Marketing aims to reduce the need for selling.” If the efforts you put into marketing your restaurant are regular and timed well, you won’t need to do too much convincing. Customers will be attracted to your restaurants just like bees to honey. 🐝

Here’s how you can use a few TMS features -

1. Email, and SMS campaigns - One of Thrive’s paramount benefits is that it gives you complete access to customer data. Through the data available on your dashboard itself, you can tailor direct channels of communication like SMS and emails to bring in new and repeat customers. Here’s an example of an emailer we recently pushed out for Gandhi Jayanti. You can do the same, highlighting different items on your menu! (add an image of the mailer). To set up your own campaigns, simply head on over to your Business Dashboard. Follow the steps given here to know more.

2. Ad campaigns - If you’re not social savvy, you don’t need to break a sweat! TMS has a feature to set up Meta Ad campaigns that you can run on Facebook and Instagram. To know everything about Meta Ads, their setup, connecting your account, creating different sets of audiences, and more, click here. You can create custom audiences of existing customers or even lookalikes of potential new groups of customers. Social media advertising is key to exploring and expanding your reach, all you need is a few enticing images of your food, and the TMS to set them up!

3. Automated engagement - This feature goes hand in hand with email & SMS campaigns, but deserves a special mention! With TMS, you can set up email or SMS campaigns, triggered and personalised for specific customer segments. You can set up a campaign once, and then they are triggered automatically. These triggered communications can help you with repeat purchases from new customers, along with help you revive the ones at risk, and win back lost customers as well. Know more about how to set up our auto-engage feature here.

4. Loyalty programs - Customer loyalty must be rewarded! Through TMS, you can reward customers for their activity in your restaurant with a cash-back or through a tier-based loyalty program. This too can be set up directly via your Business Dashboard. To know everything about how loyalty programs work via TMS, click here.

5. Template manager - A new addition to the TMS family, this feature allows you to create templates for emails and SMS, and will soon be available for WhatsApp too! You can save and store templates for future reference, or re-triggered communication. To know about setting up templates for SMS and email, click here.

6. Feedback - Understand the pain points of your customers, and give yourself validation with all the praise too! With Thrive’s feedback system in place, you can know exactly how to improve your service to your customers. Simply create a feedback form where you can tailor questions, and how your customers can rate your service. You can also get insights like CSAT ratings, poll based answers to questions, open ended long format answers and NOD ratings. To know more about creating your feedback form from Thrive’s business dashboard, click here.

7. Offers - With a multitude of options, you can create multiple promo code based offers active at the same time for your restaurant. You can also make room for free items on a purchase of a minimum value, activate free deliveries, bogos, and much more. To know everything about our offers module, click here.

Apart from the details shared above, there’s even more that you can explore via Thrive’s business dashboard.

You can add festive or promo-based banners on your menu to attract more customers, activate abandoned cart notifications for roping in lost customers or those who forgot to place an order and even add a visual aspect to all the items on your menu through the use of images. There’s this and much more!

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