The only ordering platform that ensures repeat orders.

Thrive is your all-in-one restaurant ordering suite for table ordering, pickup, and delivery with marketing in-built. It's time restaurants took control of their own destiny.

Thrive is built for the way you sell.

Table Ordering

Ditch physical menus and reduce contact between staff and customers. Customers can scan a QR code to access your digital menus.


Reduce dependency on delivery aggregators and own your customer data. You can use your own staff or any of the integrated 3rd party delivery service providers. 

Pick up

Allow your customers to order ahead and reduce the crowding at your store.

Thrive is an end-to-end solution for your business.

Digital menus

Personalised, beautiful, and
interactive web-based menus.

Flexible payments

Customers can pay by debit or credit cards, UPI & Wallets. Avoid handling of cash thanks to online payment methods.

Delivery fleet solution

Don’t have your own delivery fleet? We’ve got your back! We’ve integrated our solution with leading delivery service providers.

Order dashboard

Manage your orders and immediately update menu items and availability. 

Loyalty & feedback

Run your own customizable loyalty program to reward your customers and collect customer feedback.

Marketing CRM

This much more than just an ordering platform, it comes with an intelligent CRM that helps bring back your customers.

Why should you choose to Thrive?

Free yourself from aggregators

Food aggregators feed into almost a third of your revenues which makes it difficult to earn profits. Take this time to build your own infrastructure and be less dependent on aggregator apps.

Ownership of customer data

You own your customer data. With food aggregator apps, no customer data is shared with you. Hence you are unable to access your existing customers to grow your business.

POS integrations

Thrive is integrated with all the major POS players in the market. A complete integrated product allows you to seamlessly manage your orders without having to access another dashboard.

Loyalty & CRM

Generating customer loyalty is the key to the success of your business, now more than ever. Thrive is the only ordering suite that has an integrated marketing CRM that ensures repeat orders for your business.

Fair & transparent pricing

For delivery & pickups: 3% per order
For table ordering: Re. 1 per order

No more shrinking margins, paying high commissions per order,
or being a slave to marketplaces.

You are important to us! 

Short note by Co Founder

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In-built marketing

Hospitality is a competitive industry where businesses have a tough time scaling and margins are thin. You need to focus on your bottom-line especially during tough times. Thrive is integrated with Hashtag Loyalty’s powerful CRM that helps you increase your customer lifetime value and improve margins. 

Drive repeat purchases with your customizable loyalty program

Improve your product & services with actionable customer feedback

Understand sales performance & derive customer insights

Run targeted campaigns to bring back your customers

Automate your communication for your ideal customer lifecycle

Run referrals to acquire new customers

Retarget your customers with Facebook ads and understand ROI on your digital spend

Experience the product

Not sure how this will work for your restaurant? Experience it for yourself!
Open the order app on your smartphone, place an order like any customer would, and watch the order get placed on the dashboard. See for yourself how the magic happens.

Order app

Customers can browse your menu and place orders through this,
best experienced on your smartphone.

Use order app
1.) It's a demo page, no money will be actually deducted. So, go ahead and place test orders without worrying!
2.) If you reside outside of Mumbai, we would recommend you place a pick up order to avoid running into a delivery serviceability error. Since the outlet location is Bandra, Mumbai.

Order management dashboard

View how orders flow from the order app to you.

Use dashboard

Use these credentials to login:
Email Id:
Password: Thrive12345

Seamless delivery integrations

Don't have a delivery fleet? No stress - We have integrated Thrive with delivery partners.  
Want to know more about our delivery fleet integrations? Click here

Have questions?

How do I sign-up for Thrive?

Just fill the link on the website, and we'll get in touch with you within 24 hours. We promise to get you onboarded within 3 days.

Do I get access to my customer data?

You own the customer data. You can access your customer data along with insights, sales performance, and various reports via your business dashboard.

What is the pricing?

We have fair and transparent pricing. No setup fees.
For delivery or pickups: 3% per order
For table ordering: Rs. 1 per order

Can I customize my menu?

You have complete control over your menu. Change item availability, descriptions & more from your business dashboard.

Can I upload pictures to my menu?

Yes, you can upload specific item pictures to your menu

Can my prices be different than my regular menu?

All prices are as per your discretion. We provide a business dashboard where you can change your item prices.

Can I use my own delivery fleet?

Thrive is your own ordering platform, you can use your own delivery fleet to deliver your orders.

How does a customer access my menu?

For table ordering, customers can simply scan a QR code available at the table. This opens up your menu on their smartphone. Customers do not require any application.
For delivery or pickups, a unique URL is created that can be used to market to your customers via your channels. We advise you put it up on your social channels, websites and aggressively market it using your CRM.

Can I setup custom delivery times for each order?

Once an order pops up on your order dashboard, you can assign an estimated delivery time at your own discretion.

Is their different status that I can assign to each order?

Each order can be assigned a status such as Ready for Pickup, In the kitchen, Dispatched, etc. This helps you manage your operations seamlessly.

Can I access daily sales reports?

Your order dashboard is a live counter of all your days orders. You can download summary reports from there as well.

Do you have POS integrations?

We have live integrations with all leading POS systems in the industry.
Below are a few sample demo flows:
Pet Pooja: View demo
POSist: View demo

Do you have integrations with delivery service providers?

Don't have a delivery fleet? We've got your back! We have integrations with leading delivery service providers. Riders are directly assigned to each of your orders on your order dashboard. View rate cards and policy

What types of loyalty programs do you have?

We can cater to all types of loyalty programs - Rewards & points, cashback, punch cards. If you have a custom requirement, you can let us know. Most likely we have a plug & play solution for it.

Can I integrate feedback into my ordering suite?

Feedback is essential for every brand. Our feedback management system is integrated
into our ordering flow for table ordering, pickups & delivery. You can create your custom feedback form with rating questions, multiple-choice questions, and text-based questions as well.

Can I segment customers basis their recency, frequency & monetary details?

Your order dashboard is a live counter of all your days orders. You can download summary reports from there as well.

I have my order app, how do I market it to my customers?

Here is a checklist marketing action points to acquire customers and start receiving orders:

  • Update your Order App URL across all social media platforms
  • Add “Order Now” button to your website.
  • Promote your newly introduced Online Ordering Platform to your customers.
  • Introduce a loyalty program to retain customers and generate repeat orders.

We’ve elaborated in detail each of the aforementioned points in our blog, read here: how-to-market-your-restaurant-online-ordering-platform

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