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8 ways an online ordering system helps your home bakery or home kitchen business?

Whether you’re just starting off or a seasoned home baker or chef, you can now expand your business and take it to the next level using an online ordering system - by reaching more people and serving delectable delights to customers across the town.

Let’s see how you’re managing your home business today? You’re probably taking orders over text, calls or from social media direct messages and fulfilling the deliveries yourself or manually arranging them via a third party service. Now, as cumbersome as it may sound, this process is still working for you and hence, you might have not realized the amount of extra time and effort you’re dedicating to the back and forth involved with it. But, this method isn’t the most feasible or efficient either. Moresoever, as your business grows and the volume of your orders increases, it will cause unwanted errors and complications.

If you don’t have a smooth system in place then each aspect of your business, right from accepting orders, packaging to delivery, might leave you overwhelmed and prevent you from putting across your best product. It takes only one bad experience to lose a customer for lifetime, and that is an unaffordable loss to your business. Or worse, it can adversely affect your reputation.
In any event, expansion or not, it is imperative you upgrade your system and procedure to ensure you can focus on what you do best. Simply implement your own online ordering system using Thrive and make the management of your home bakery/ kitchen a piece of cake.
Here is how an online ordering system helps your home bakery or home kitchen business:

1. It enables customers to order or pre-order at their convenience.

Instead of having to call or text, even your customers prefer using a simple system to place an order for your items. An online ordering system allows your customers to browse through your menu at any place and time, at their convenience. It also eliminates the need for customers to ask for pricing and other details over call or text, which often is so awkward for many that they end up not ordering at all. Most importantly, customers can place an order for items available on-demand to be delivered immediately or schedule it for later, and they can also place pre-orders for items that require preparation.

2. It is much more efficient than taking orders manually.

Apart from saving you the time and effort spent taking orders manually, an online ordering system also reduces back and forth with customers and hence minimizes errors. The system allows customers to add special cooking instructions, specifically select the right item size, modification and add-ons while placing their order itself and thus eliminates any possibility of miscommunications itself.  The system also enables you to accept, edit, reject and update the status of orders via a simple dashboard, therefore making order management extremely easy as well.

3. While ordering at their leisure, customers spend more.

Without the pressure of finishing a conversation quickly or worrying about asking for too many details on text, customers can check out your customized, pictorial and well explained digital menu at leisure and find the impulse required to add that item they’re in two minds about. Hence, on an average resulting in almost 20% higher order sizes when compared to offline orders!

4. No more invoicing troubles and accept payments easily.

The system generates an e-bill for every order, which is sent to customers as soon as they complete the payment via any digital transaction method that suits them. Hence, it simplifies accepting payments and saves you the effort of making invoices and managing them.

5. Outsourced extended deliveries

One of the most important features of Thrive is that the customer address, delivery times, and other instructions are taken during the order placement itself, thus eliminating the potential for errors. The online ordering system is integrated with 8+ leading delivery fleet service providers in India, hence a driver is assigned for the orders as per the delivery schedule automatically without you having to arrange it manually. The wide range of partners essentially ensures serviceability at all locations and also allows you to reach a larger number of customers all across the city thanks to the extended delivery radius!

6. Menu management and robust offers module.

You can now make edits to your menu yourself from your business dashboard. Add, remove or edit items, descriptions and their pictures and keep it up-to-date and beautiful! You can also create offers such as discounts, free items, etc. as well, and give customers that little added incentive to make a purchase!

7. You own the customer data.

The first and most important benefit of your own online ordering system is that you receive complete details of the customers ordering from your restaurant. Unlike third-party restaurant aggregator apps like Zomato and Swiggy, all your customer data is shared with you. It is yours to own and use today or in the future as and when required. This data is exclusively your property and is not used by or for anyone except you. It is available for you to send campaigns, upload as social ad audiences and even export the data files if required.

8. In-built Marketing CRM and Loyalty Program.

Who are your customers? What are their preferences? Where do they come from? What items are your bestsellers? What are your restaurant’s busiest and the most idle hours? These are just some of the many questions that a powerful Marketing CRM can answer. Along with that, it also gives you the ability to conduct targeted and personalized campaigns to customers to keep them coming back for more. It gives you analytics, trends and actionable insights so as to improve your business performance. 

A customer loyalty program helps you build long lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers by enabling them to earn points on their orders and use them to redeem rewards on subsequent orders. Apart from a sense of gratification, a loyalty program motivates customers to spend higher and earn more points to work towards rewards. 


Thus, the Thrive online ordering system simplifies your entire home bakery/ kitchen business and prepares you to handle even large volumes as you scale. It drastically improves your customer experience and hence satisfaction.

Set up Thrive free-of-charge, pay only as you use and stay ahead of the competition!

Anshul Jasani

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