How to market your restaurant online ordering platform?

Now that you’ve successfully set up online ordering for your restaurant, the next step is to start marketing it and receiving orders to generate revenue.

There are numerous options for restaurant marketing when it comes to channels, tools and more. Hence to make things easier, we’ve compiled a simple guide on how to market your Order App and Thrive! Here is a checklist to keep track of your marketing action points.

  • Update your Order App URL across all social media platforms.
  • Add “Order Now” button to your website.
  • Promote your newly introduced Online Ordering Platform to your customers.
  • Introduce a loyalty program to retain customers and generate repeat orders.

Let's understand these action points in detail:

1. Update your Order App URL across all social media platforms.

It is essential to make the Order App URL extremely accessible to your customers and updating the same on social media is a must.
Social media is an excellent medium to attract customers to order from your restaurant. While there are multiple platforms, the most popular ones are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Leverage the ability to use photos on social media by uploading mouth-watering options of your food options and invite customers to order them. Apart from that you can also highlight your specials for the day using stories, or give the final nudge to customers to order by displaying amazing reviews that you’ve received.
Ensure the URL is added to your bio, mentioned in your posts and stories. This simple step will prove to be critical in generating orders using the CTA “Order Now using Link in Bio/ Post”.

Izumi Restaurant ensured updating their Order App details on Social Media

2. Add an “Order Now” button to your website.

Your restaurant’s website is an extremely valuable asset, it is how customers discover you via organic search on the internet. And, it is very likely that these customers are searching to order, hence it is critical for you to enable customers to order from your website itself. 

Your website is how your customers experience your restaurant before actually visiting or ordering, it is essential that your menu is available for them to see their options and also order once they’re convinced. Ensure you’ve categorised and described your items well, along with a picture to maximize order probability.

Simply add a new “Order Now” button to your website or update the existing button with the Order App URL to redirect customers to your new Menu and Order App instead of 3rd party aggregator pages.

3. Promote your newly introduced Online Ordering Platform to your customers.

Announce the introduction of your online ordering platform to your existing customers via all possible channels. Push your customers to order via:

  • Social media posts & stories
  • SMS and Email - use Campaigns via Hashtag Loyalty to send communications to your existing customers. Attract them by sending them offers and rewards.
  • Social Media Ads - use Facebook & Instagram Ads via Hashtag Loyalty to run targeted ads to your existing customers and similar new customers, get an online to offline RoI on your budget.
  • Whatsapp broadcasts

Using Campaigns is a great way to reach out to your existing customers that have either signed up to receive email updates about your restaurant and have actually visited or ordered from your restaurant in the past. These customers are most likely to order from you again. 

Paid promotion by means of Instagram or Facebook Ads is a great way to reach out to large audiences and generate orders. The targeting or definition of this audience is key to the success of your campaign and optimization of your spends. 

Hashtag Loyalty enables you to do both the above. Simply upload your existing customer data to the CRM and start leveraging it. Use the Campaigns feature to communicate via Email or SMS and use the Facebook Ads feature to run ads with Custom and Lookalike audiences. Keep track of your campaign and ad performance, and get a clear RoI on them.

4. Introduce a Loyalty Program

You’ve spent considerable effort on your customer acquisition and it is essential to ensure these customers stay loyal and keep frequenting your restaurant for a long time. 

Given the existing scenario, it is extremely difficult to build customer trust and hence you should be holding on to those who do and generate repeat orders from them.

Introduce a loyalty program and convert every new customer you acquire into loyal advocates of your restaurant. Implement a program that suits your business and motivates customers to keep coming back for more. Choose from:

  • Spend based
  • Tier based
  • Cashback based
  • + more!

Retain your customers by enabling them to earn points on their orders and use the same to redeem rewards on their upcoming purchases. 

If you’re an existing Hashtag Loyalty merchant simply login to your dashboard and start marketing your restaurant’s new Order App!

Not a Hashtag Loyalty merchant yet? Simply write to us on or call us on 996645 08941 and we will help you out.

Anshul Jasani

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