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7 ways you can use offers to increase your online sales!

Looking for ways to improve your online order numbers?
We’ve got you covered! 

Create specials, offers and discounts on-the-go with the Hashtag Loyalty Offers Module for Thrive!

While restaurants are due to reopen this week, it is important to note that not all customers will be comfortable with visiting them right away. Moreover, online ordering has proved to be an essential source of revenue that needs to be sustained.
Good news is that you do not require a big investment to promote your online ordering service. Create unique promo-code based offers and attract customers to order from your restaurant.
Check out these ideas: 

1. Offer free delivery!

Sometimes it is these tiny things that make a difference between customers choosing you or another brand. A small gesture such as free delivery can go a long way; it helps you attract first-time customers and win their loyalty thanks to your generosity. You can also attach a minimum order value and use this to increase the average order size of your customers.


2. Offer a discount on the entire order.

It is beneficial at times to keep it simple. Your customers aren’t always on the lookout for something specific. They just want to order from the place where they get the best value for their money. To capture these, you can setup a simple Rupees or Percentage Off on Order offer!

3. Offer a discount on particular Items or Categories!

Do you have an item or a category that is newly introduced or you simply want to push sales for? Then highlight these and capitalize on the customer desires by offering a discount on these items or categories! You can choose from a variety of offer types, such as:

> Single Item Markdown (Rupees or Percentage Off on an Item), where customers can avail a special discount on particular items as defined by you.

> Rupees or Percentage Off on a Category, where customers can avail a special discount on a particular category of items as defined by you.

4. Offer a free item or let customers buy one and get another off!

Do you have a popular item that customers just can’t get enough of? Or, do you just want to give customers something to rejoice about? Then offer them a BOGO offer on your bestseller or simply let them add an item of their liking free of cost on their order! For example, sweeten the deal by letting customers add a free dessert to their orders. You can choose from a variety of offer types, such as:

> Free Item, where customers can choose an item of their liking to get free-of-charge with their order.

> Free Item from Category, where customers can get a free item from a category of items as defined by you.

5. Offer a discount on orders above a particular value!

Are customers ordering from you but not enough? Push them to spend more, increase their average order size by offering any of the aforementioned types of discounts but available to redeem only on an order above a particular value. Strategically setup these offers to be redeemable at a value that is just above the average amount they spend on orders. Keep groups in mind and offer a healthy discount on a high minimum order value and capture large orders!

6. Offer a discount on particular days & hours!

Have you noticed slow days or hours at your restaurant? Or simply want to claim a day of the week, for example Taco Tuesdays? Then setup an offer type of your choice but available for customers to redeem only on particular days of the week. Turn your slow hours into happy hours!

7. Offer a secret discount to Loyalty Program members!

Customers love it when you offer them something exclusive, it makes them feel special. Setup a special offer from the variety of types and create a unique promo-code for the same! Circulate this only amongst your loyal customers and generate orders from them. Apart from sales, it helps you spread awareness thanks to the word of mouth around the offer. 

How to introduce an offer that is right for your restaurant?

1. Research your Menu and Sales.

Go through your items available at your restaurant. Look at the costs, the selling price and the margins to understand the extent of the discount you can offer. Understand the popularity of different items by looking at the sales figures for them. Choose the items with the highest potential for profit and create an offer around it.

2. Choose the Type of Offer carefully.

Would your customers appreciate free deliveries? A blanket discount on their entire bill? Or offers on items they love? What would resonate best with them? You know your customers best, thus choose an offer type keeping in mind their behaviour and preferences. 

3. Promotion plan for the offer.

Speak to your customers via every available channel; such as campaigns, social media, your own website, etc. Inform customers about the offer you're introducing and create a buzz around it. Create campaigns around market trends such as IPL, that will encourage consumers to order from your restaurant using the promo-codes.


We’ve created a short demo that you can watch to learn how you can set up your own promo-code based offers and how customers can redeem them via your online ordering store.

Watch here:

Anshul Jasani

Setup in 5 minutes and start accepting orders!

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