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6 video content ideas to promote your restaurant!

Traditional marketing like print media offers your restaurant customers something tangible to hold on to, it may be a printed material they bring to you for redemption or a take-home menu, but the of it reach is limited.
However, thanks to the growth of social media - reach is no longer a challenge, you can now engage with customers across the globe. Moreover, apart from just static creatives, you can create and distribute rich audio and video content. In particular, video content has taken the world by storm, there are multiple channels and formats that you can use, for example YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more! You can create well produced long duration content and use it across IGTV, etc. or simply record on your mobile itself and make reels, etc. The opportunities are endless!
It goes without saying that well made video content can help you captivate your customers' attention and stay relevant in their memory. If you haven't started already, now is the time to begin creating videos to promote your restaurant.
Let's look at some content ideas that you can implement today:

1. Introduce your Chef and Staff to the world!

What makes a restaurant stand out? Simple, the food! And, the one responsible for the menu is the chef, who curate every item with immense thought, heart and soul. This makes for excellent content, give your customers a look inside the minds of your chef, a glimpse of their daily lives behind the kitchen doors. Have your chef come answer questions from your customers. Further, introduce your guests to those who make your restaurant what it is, the most vital asset - your staff.
Create interesting behind the scene videos or invite your chef and staff for fun interviews. Ask them about their favourite things from the menu, what they enjoy about working at your restaurant and other quips that bring out their personality.
During the pandemic, check out how Izumi put to rest their customers' safety concerns with a video of the action behind the kitchen doors.

Izumi Restaurant used a video to pull the curtain on their kitchen!

2. Highlight your food, home delivery packaging & experience!

Owing to the pandemic, delivery is now a default requirement and important source of revenue for restaurants. But how do you get your customers excited about ordering in? Highlight the preparation of your food, it's delivery journey, the packaging and the unboxing experience they can expect!
Even better, create a social media moment and invite your customers to record videos of their order and share it, so be sure to level up the branding on your packaging. Watch how Burgerama showcased the same.

Here's how Burgerama used a video to showcase their Food and Delivery preparations!

3. Share the expertise and create “How-To” videos!

Your customers love your food, and while they lover ordering, they often want to cook at home and get the same taste! Go a step beyond and create instructional videos on replicating that secret pizza dough kneading technique or preparing the perfect mojito concoction. Share videos of your chef or bartender preparing the most famous items on your menu. You can also offer DIY or Finish at Home kits which customers can order and prepare in the convenience of their homes. This will appeal to customers that are looking to cook as a hobby, or simply need tips and tricks on the same. It will help you increase traffic on social media handles, resulting in more orders.

Sorrentina made a DIY Pizza Kit "How To" video for their customers!

4. Feature your customers!

Believe it or not, your restaurant has a healthy set of regular and loyal customers, they are your biggest brand ambassadors. Invite them for a meal or to order, ask them about their favourite dishes, what they love about your restaurant, memorable experiences over your food and create customer spotlight videos featuring them! This will boost your restaurant's credibility, and more customers will want to visit or order from you.

Burma Burma recording a customer's reaction to their new menu launch!

5. Record announcements!

Introducing a new menu? Have an event? Conducting a pop-up of special items for a limited time? Announce it all via a simple video! You will see that it will have better reach and engagement than just a static post.

May be an image of 2 people and indoor
O Pedro shooting a video to announce that they're open for Dine in!

6. Tell your story!

Create a video for your restaurant’s journey within the food industry. Tell an authentic, inspiring story about the choices you’ve made, both good and bad, to urge you where you are today. Not only does this give your restaurant a more trustworthy feeling, but it can inspire others within the early steps of their careers. Here is an example of Izumi where Chef Nooresha Kabli talks about her Journey with the brand so far and how her emphasis has always been to provide an authentic Japanese experience with the  finest ingredients.

No photo description available.
Chef Nooresha Kabli talks about her journey with Izumi!

People on social media don't simply view videos; they also share them and act in accordance. That being said, it's evident that video marketing for restaurants is not just a whim or a side project. The value of a video marketing strategy in the restaurant business cannot be overstated. It's become an unsaid requirement for you to reach your customers meaningfully.

Anshul Jasani

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