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Thrive Now x WeWork

Ask any restaurant business owner about the challenges they face, and after their aggregator-borne issues, chances are that customer acquisition and brand awareness would be their most common answers. To put it simply, how do you get your restaurant and services screaming in the face of potential customers?

Currently enabling over 8500 restaurants across the country to succeed online, Thrive Now has been paving the path to make direct ordering the norm, a rule instead of an exception. Taking a step further to reduce the role of aggregators in the restaurants’ value chain, Thrive Now is exploring collaborations that can be leveraged to tackle the second biggest obstacle.

In line with that objective, Thrive Now has partnered with WeWork, one of the most popular workspace solution providers in the country. This collaboration presents ample opportunities for restaurants to capitalise on, owing to WeWork’s footfall and also the average amount of time individuals spend at their properties. On the flip side, it is an opportunity for WeWork to improve the experience of the customers at their premises.

The partnership, Thrive x WeWork, will span across 23rd February to the 9th of March, wherein customers at WeWork’s BKC facility will be enabled to order directly from Thrive Now’s curated list of 30 top restaurants in the vicinity. To sweeten the deal for the customers, Thrive Now is offering a INR 100 off on their orders each time they use the code “WEWORK”.

Thrive Now also offers marketing support to its restaurant partners, and this is an opportunity for them to capitalise on. Dhruv Dewan, co-founder of Thrive Now stated, “This sort of partnership emulates our willingness and drive to open new doors for our restaurant partners. Essentially, more visibility for them (wherever we can push the narrative) is something that we want to ardently work towards. The WeWork BKC x Thrive initiative is one of the many that we’re going to witness in the months to come.”

Aaliya Panju

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