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Product Update

Hey Thrivers 🙋🏻

We’re back with a few more exciting announcements about our product. This one’s a biggie, brace yourselves. You can read all about these additions, improvements and exclusives ⬇️ below.

Product Update

Did someone say Dine-in is now commission free?

Thrive Now has reduced commission to zero on all Dine-in orders for life! The deal’s so nice, we just had to say it twice. Still not using Thrive Now’s Dine-in feature? Start today!

1. It’s as simple as a toggle button ‘on and off’ via your business dashboard

2. Choose between Table Ordering and QSR/Instant Ordering

3. To get you started, we’ve activated the visual menu mode for your restaurant wherein customers can view your menu without the ordering functionality being active

If you need information on setup, or if you have a general query - power through our Knowledge Base to know more.

What’s new on your Business Dashboard?

Menu Management is now Menu Editor

We've replaced the old Menu Management with the all new Menu Editor! And apart from apparent upgrade in the look and experience, we've added some functionalities too! This should help you manage your menu seamlessly on the go!

Here’s a lowdown of the updates we've made:

1. Uploading your menu is now an easy 3 step process

2. Create categories & subcategories with ease

3. Edit items along with their availability

4. A revamp across add-ons and variations

5. Upload images directly to your menu

6. Every functionality is now easier with a grading, sorting process

You can read all about these updates on our knowledge base, and reach out to us with feedback or if you have any questions.

New Applications Newer FunctionalitiesFrustrated with constant calls from your delivery partner? No more

Thrive is now integrated with what3words, a proprietary geocode system designed to identify any location with a resolution of about 3 metres.

To put it simply, customers can simply add the what3words that correspond to their address while placing the order itself and ensure a seamless delivery experience without back and forth with the riders.

For example, the front door of 10 Downing Street in London is identified by ///slurs.this.shark. It helps delivery partners accurately find saved locations of users without the added phone calls and constant communication.

Pay post meals, skip the hassle

Lazypay has been integrated with Thrive Now’s platform. This app integration is an incentive for consumers to order their food today, and pay later. It’s a game changer for the credit system in the F&B space, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

Another day, another advertising objective

Two additions have been made to the existing 3 objectives in the Facebook Ads section of your business dashboard.  

1. A conversion objective has been added in for campaigns, where you can select pixel based events to optimise campaigns for.

2. You can now can upload videos as well, apart from single images to use as advertisements.

Here's how you can create a Facebook Ad with Thrive.

If you have any questions, reach out to our email or WA support channels. Keep Thrive-ing!

Team Thrive

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