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6 Ideas to promote your restaurant on Valentine’s Day!

They say the way to one’s heart is through their stomach; if we’re to go by this logic then Valentine’s is one of the most important days of the year for restaurants. It’s an opportunity for people to manifest their love towards their significant others; thus making it a great opportunity for you to pitch in and enable the same at your restaurant or via your food and give them a memorable experience.

You may wonder how do people choose a restaurant for their special day, here are the most common criteria for the same: 

  1. The restaurant or the cuisine is the favourite of their partner.
  2. The ambience or the location is particularly romantic.
  3. The restaurant has a special event, menu or promotion for the day.

Now, given the importance of the occasion, most restaurants have a special menu or offer, here some most common ideas that are in action on Valentine’s”

  1. A special menu and items.
  2. A fixed menu meal experience. 
  3. A free dessert or drink to go with the meal.

So, what can you do to be different and stand out from the crowd? Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Personalize the experience for your guests.

If there’s one thing people look to achieve on Valentine’s, it is letting their partners know how special they are. Help them with this by offering personalization of their meals and experience. Some examples include named menu cards, request a picture of the couple beforehand and place it on their tables, take suggestions for songs from the couple beforehand and include it in your playlist, if they’re Regulars or VIPs use their customer data and surprise them with their favourite dish or drink.

  1. Host a masterclass, performance or an activity.

While it may be a first for many, it isn’t for everyone. People are probably keen on doing something different from their usual Valentine meal dates. So, what can you do? Host a masterclass or an activity! Invite your guests to cook up their own meals along with your chef, or mix up love potions along with your bartender, bring in comedy or music artists to perform for your guests, or conduct an activity such as a fortune telling session, etc.

  1. Add a touch of exclusivity by making it an invite only experience.

What better way to impress your partner than taking them to an exclusive experience? Reach out to your Regulars and VIPs and invite them to partake in your offer. Go the extra mile and send them a physical invite on confirmation of their booking.

  1. Don’t forget those who can’t make it to your restaurant.

Just because your guests can’t make it in person to your restaurant, it doesn’t make Valentine’s any less special for them. Ensure you have introduced a special category, combo or items that are available to order online. Sweeten the deal by creating an offer for those who are ordering in. Make their experience special by adding something extra to their parcel, may it be a dessert, chocolates, flowers or even quirky items such as fortune cookies.

  1. Make provisions for those with little ones.

Couples with children aren’t any less entitled to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Take over their responsibilities for a little time and leave the adults with nothing to worry about. Ensure you have a kid friendly menu to keep the children happy and well fed, arrange for activities and entertainment for them so they’re kept occupied while their parents enjoy their date. Market this service and you’ll be surprised at the response you shall receive.

  1. Don’t forget the singletons!

Single people want to have fun too! Go to town with an anti-Valentine’s Day theme, or organize a mixer event to possibly find their match!


Valentine's Day is definitely a good day for both restaurants and diners. If you haven't gotten started planning your offers and marketing yet, get started now!

Anshul Jasani

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